Sarah & Amritz | Westminster Presbyterian Church | Rococo Room | Pasadena | Wedding

When Iris told Sarah and Amritz about our photography, they became fans of our stuff.  After hanging out with this ridiculously awesomely coolest couple, we're more a fan of them then they are a fan of us now.  I think it might be because they took care of us when we were clueless and cold in the belly of Seattle.  Or because they are so funny and we love to laugh.  Or because they are just that awesome.  If they had a blog, I would be their blog stalker.  Not in a freakish creepy way, but in a very loving way, that some of our blog stalkers do so nicely to us.  

The fact that their friends were jumping at the mic to give candid toasts of them is a small testament to how much they are loved and respected by their friends.  Ok, I better stop this gushing, or it's going to turn into a cheese fest.  Amrtiz promised to take us global like Starbucks.  He works at Microsoft now, so I'm conflicted, since I'm Mac and he's PC.  But that's ok, we all bonded heavily during their Cambodian ceremony, which will be a forthcoming part deux blog post. 

Sarah looking gorgeous and thinking about Amritz.  


Naughty Amritz getting an early sneek peek.   In front of the stunning Westminster Presbyterian Church.


Sarah sportin' the red hot wedding kicks.  


So this group shot wasn't staged at all.  We'd never do that, of course.  We're photojournalists.Sarah_Amritz-1117%20copy.jpg

This is how they warmed up before every shot.  Cool bouquet shot.

Sarah_Amritz-1157%20copy.jpg Sarah_Amritz-1172%20copy.jpg

I heart you. Co-sponsored by a natural Vignette.


 I love the moment and anticipation in these two.



The moment before her father gives her away. 

Sarah_Amritz-1228%20copy.jpg Sarah_Amritz-1259%20copy.jpg

The church was stunning to say the least.


Sarah heading towards the lightened alley way.



 The little people standing on the cake are exact replicas of Sarah and Amritz.  Did you guys eat them afterwards?


This, my friends, is Baby, totally blinged out.  He stole the ring shot.  More about who Baby is on their engagement shoot.   



That garter got passed around all night long.