The Studio

Jerry Yoon Photographers began as just Jerry Yoon Photography back in 2006. Over the years, Jerry's reputation for his photographic skills and humorous ability to put clients at ease helped establish the company as a sought-after wedding photography studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Their photography team also travels all over the world to shoot destination weddings in fun places like Mexico, Asia, and Europe.

That same winning combination of cinematic wedding photography and personable customer service has been the cornerstone of Jerry Yoon Photographers as it has grown to a team of six photographers and editors. 

They're committment to capturing all those major and seemingly minor moments of your occasion means that every wedding commission includes a two-person team. Find out more about our teams and their work from the top navigation.

Our Philosophy

We believe that there is real beauty in raw moments. 

We revel in the living, breathing characters of the everyday. 


We know you probably have a little brother who has a treasure trove of secrets to spill during the wedding toast. 

We know you have a few breakdancing moves up your pop-n-lock sleeve. 

We know you've had your eye on marrying under that particular tree since you were tall enough to see it from your front porch.

And we know your mom can do a banging version of "Raindrops keep falling on my head".


But above all, we certainly know that weddings have a way of gathering 

all the characters

the witnesses

the reverence

the hallelujah hands

and the LOVE

in one beaming spot.


We feel incredibly lucky to capture all that with our cameras.



We've been featured on many publications that we love and respect.