Diana & Michael | Memorial Stadium | Oski | UC Berkeley Campus | Engagement Session

Diana and Michael did their engagement session on Michael's birthday.  As a surprise to him, Diana got Oski (Berkeley's mascot) to come down to Memorial Stadium and shoot with us.  We love when people bring their favorite things to engagement sessions, such as hats, volley balls, accessories, pets, etc.  Oski turned out to be much more than a "prop".  He was actually quite a ham and really great at striking model poses!  We had a lot of fun working with him.  Thank you Oski! 

At first, something about Oski made me a little nervous.  He is famous around these parts and usually has a body guard, his two ears are fused into one (very strange), and he smells like an old man, a 67 year old man, to be exact.  But as we got to know him a little better, we warmed up to each other and then Oski tried to hit on Diana.  Oh Oski, you rascal- always flirting with the ladies.  It breaks my heart though, to see a huge smelly bear rejected. 





As you can tell, we were having fun with this love triangle scenario.  It's not often we get to shoot three adults, one of which is the third wheel.  



Then we wandered around campus to find some cool places to shoot.  The lovely couple with great overcast lighting.


We asked Diana and Michael questions about themselves while shooting them.  This turned out to be great because we got such genuine expressions and found out funny tidbits about their relationship. 


Diana_Mike_blog-12.JPG Diana_Mike_blog-09.JPGDiana_Mike_blog-11.JPG

I'm really looking forward to shooting their wedding because Diana and Michael are such natural down to earth people.  We also have a kajillion mutual friends and acquaintances!