Sutro Heights | Ocean Beach | San Francisco | Engagement | Laura + Jeff


I love the perfectly San Francisco feel of these photos.  We love this amazing city because of the fog, the water, the hills, and the craggy cool beaches.  Thank you Laura and Jeff for braving the cold and getting your feet a little wet.  Looking forward to your wedding!

Photography by Aubrey.


Saratoga Springs | Long bridge | rustic forest | Wedding | Mayra + Ryan


Mayra and Ryan got married at Saratoga Springs, a unique outdoor venue tucked between redwoods, a trickling stream, and the iconic Longbridge.  I loved how involved their family was to set everything up and Mayra and Ryan's fun personalities!  

Photography by Aubrey and Blake.

Check out some of their fun details! I love the drippy candles and gorgeous pinks and purples.