Jerry Yoon Photographers recently teamed up with Borrowed and Blue, a locally-focused online wedding resource, to give couples everything they need to know about our photography services. Here’s our Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:  

1. How did you first get into photography?

Ingrid: I first got into photography shooting film for high-school yearbook. I loved the unpredictability of film- accidental double exposures and waiting excitedly at the film lab for my photos to be developed. I watch more than I speak and photography is a natural medium of storytelling without having to go into speech mode.

Jerry: My father is a fine art painter and my mom a classical pianist so I was surrounded by art my whole life. I’ve always loved watching movies and studying cinematography, so photography was an extension of creating art through direction.

2. What single photo sums up your aesthetic?

Wow, It’s hard to choose just one. After a lot of debate, we landed on this one, and it’s a pretty weird one. We chose it because it conveys that we are all about the real moments that make us people (and dogs). We love the quirks of life, finding both joy and sadness, and celebrating everyone’s crazy journey. We love staying fresh and making images that people haven’t seen over and over again.


3. As a storyteller, what draws you to a particular subject?

We are drawn to real emotion. In one of our favorite weddings, the bride, groom, mothers, fathers, cousins, rabbi, EVERYONE, could not keep from flipping out and bubbling over with happiness. It was infectious and so fun to capture.


Another thing we are drawn to is juxtaposition—when things that seem like they don’t belong are placed together, it makes for an interesting story. This engages the viewer and asks them to conjure up their own story.


4. What is your favorite moment to photograph at a wedding?    

Our favorite is being with the bride and groom while they get ready. There’s so much nervous excitement in the air with their best friends. There’s also mirrors, hair spray, hands moving around, and personal items strewn about that we love to use in our photographs.

5. What are some of the most photogenic spots for engagement shoots?

We do something called an urban safari and it’s led to some of our most interesting images. It’s where we drive around with the couple and stop whenever we see something cool. We usually wander around Oakland where we run into murals, shipping containers, or freeway overpass nooks. We also wander around San Francisco near the mission. When the couple has full trust in us and we keep an open mind, creativity can really flow.


6. What’s your favorite out of all the San Francisco wedding venues to shoot at?

We love shooting at The Foreign Cinema in the mission, SF. Besides being great to our clients and having good food, there are many interesting photo opportunities in that space. It’s filled with both nooks and crannies and big spaces, so it’s a perfect place to tell a dynamic story.


Another one of our favorites is Diablo Ranch in Walnut Creek. It’s full of golden hills, sprawling oaks and a friendly(ish) emu. (One time it sort of bit me, but it was a love bite!) It’s not very manicured and there’s a bunch of fun western touches to the space that add a lot of charm to the wedding.



8. What’s the biggest mistake the couples make when choosing their photographer?

One mistake is not looking through a full wedding gallery. Just seeing best-of photos doesn’t give couples a sense of breadth of skill. Photographers deliver hundreds of photos on a wedding day and each photo should be intentional, well composed and part of the story. Seeing the whole gallery will give you a sense of whether the photographer really cares about delivering the gallery as a fully finished story.


9. What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

Our style is quirky, fun, and fresh. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. We also know that our style is not for everyone. We tend to attract artsy types, architects, musicians, engineers with secret dancing super powers, and above all, couples with a healthy sense of humor.


10. What tips do you have for couples who have never been photographed before?    

Have fun! Oh… it’s hard to have fun with a giant lens in your face? Oooh look, a cool giant cement pipe! Let’s go climb it!  (We don’t stop taking pictures, so before you know it, you forget the camera is there. Then we can start having fun and being ourselves!)

Inspired yet? Book your wedding photographer with Jerry Yoon Photographers today. And thanks again to Borrowed & Blue for the Q&A!



4 tips to make the most of your portrait session

Is getting your picture taken as painful as going to the dentist?  We’ve had several people express their anguish over getting their portraits done and while the pain might not be physical, it can be a very uncomfortable situation.  The underlying fear is that you’ll look awkward and it’ll be a bad picture.  Everyone has been burned by an unflattering picture in the past, so we can all relate on some level.  Having your pictures taken should be the opposite of having x-rays shot at your head while trying to bite down on a sharp plastic thing.  So how can you get over this fear and get great pictures of yourself?  

Of course, the first step is to find a photographer that you trust and are excited about.  Comfort, trust, fun and intimacy are key, and you want to hire someone you would want to spend a good deal of time with (especially if they will be shooting your wedding) and whose pictures you'd want to continue looking at for decades to come.  Once you have your photographer, here are 4 tips to remember for a comfortable and fun portrait session.




Be prepared to talk, share and connect with your photographer.  Even during quick head shot sessions at a law firm, we take a few minutes to get to know our subjects. This process is relaxing for both of us and creates a connection that the camera ultimately picks up.  For our engagement and portrait sessions, we take a bit longer just to catch up and talk about everything under the sun.  We love learning about your relationship together, the things you love to do, and how you relate to each other.  By the end of our time together, our couples are usually fully engrossed in the moment and we’re all having a great time. We want to see your uniqueness in all its glory. Only then can we represent who you really are.




Be open to the unexpected.  It’s impossible to predict exactly how the lighting will be, if the wind will pick up, how crowded a place will get, or what will cross our path.  That is what makes it so exciting too!  Be prepared for anything and to try some fun things.  The most dynamic images are not posed and predetermined, but are created with a mix of inspiration, observation, and luck.




Dress warmly and have comfy shoes available.  Especially in San Francisco, chilly winds can pick up on the warmest days.  It’s best to be prepared by bringing a fun jacket, scarf, and a comfortable shoe option.  You can always set aside those items if you don’t want them in pictures.  If you’re comfortable, the camera can pick it up, and you’ll have more fun during the shoot!




During the session, it can be easy to get wrapped up in running around, being posed, and trying to look good.  Take a few moments to remember what you love most about your partner and all the reasons you are together.  The session is ultimately a celebration of your connection and it shows when you are in the moment cherishing each other.