Kee & Gloria | Calvary Church | Eisenhower Park | Cosmic Bowling | Santa Ana | Wedding

Kee and Gloria would win any smiling competition.  They would probably win the I'm so happy competition as well.  I thought they would also wipe the floor in their own bowling competition, but it happened that Kee took that too literally.  (more on that below)  Good times. 

 Kee + Gloria + wedding = relaxing times.  Kee and Gloria we just want to say thank you.  Seeing my college bud getting married and being able to shoot it was something else. 


 The weather was pretty unpredictable leading up to the wedding so they had to move the reception indoors.  We were lucky enough to have sun peaking through gorgeous clouds the whole day and no rain! 


Gloria_Kee_blog-02.JPG Gloria_Kee_blog-03.JPG

I remember thinking, "Man, I hope I laugh this much when I get married."


We rolled to nearby Eisenhower Park in the City of Orange. 



Kee remembered that we had them pose around a lot of trees during their engagement shoot, so when we were walking around he kept asking if we wanted to see "the roots".  We thought he meant little dinky trees with muddy roots.  ha.

Gloria_Kee-2676%20copy.jpg Gloria_Kee_blog-07.JPG



Gloria_Kee_blog-12.JPG Gloria_Kee_blog-13.JPG


Our friend Joseph, the bi-lingual MC, working the crowd.  He thought he bombed, but . . . well yeah some jokes fell through the cracks, but he came through like a champ and delivered some killer lines.  Good job Jo!Gloria_Kee_blog-16.JPG

Taken on the ice sculpture.  Anyone want to guess how this shot was lit?

Gloria_Kee_blog-17.JPG Gloria_Kee_blog-18.JPG


Korean drama movie cover, anyone?  






This last series makes the photojournalist in me so proud.  Their very first frame bowling together.