Cindy & David | Lawrence Hall of Science | Tilden Park | Secret Spot | Engagement Shoot

For one reason or another, we know a lot of Cindys and a gazillion Davids.  The day before Cindy and David's engagement session, we shot Cindy and David's Wedding.  Another Cindy and David.  Not the one you see here.  Was that too hard to follow? 

We know so many Davids that we were thinking about inviting all the Davids we know and making a huge "David" party, except we wouldn't tell them they are all Davids.  The novelty of that idea would probably last five minutes at most, but we think it's the best idea, EVER! 

Back to the couple.  We had tons of fun with Cindy and David.  David grew up in the Berkeley area so he knew all the best places to take pictures in Lawrence Hall of Science and Tilden Park.  He has this secret spot up in the hills that has the best views of the Bay and cityscape.  He and his buddies have been going there for years, so he had a deep connection with the space.  I love it when couples let us into their secret mysterious lives!

Shout out to the new Boutwell Totally Rad Actions - The Revenge!  I've been experimenting with some of them.  They kick some major bootay.





 The sun was gorgeous, but what really struck out to me was the texture of the grass and eucalyptus leaves.



Jerry and his crazy creative imagination asked them to pretend that their hair is on fire.



David looks like a super hero in this one!