Tiffany & Kyle | UC Berkeley Campus | Engagement Session

We get a lot of requests to shoot on the UC Berkeley Campus.  Every time Jerry and I start a shoot there, we try our hardest to do something unique.  Luckily the Campus is peppered with interesting backdrops and strange "tree people" who we would encounter on a later shoot. 

This shoot was particularly easy because Kyle knows how to make Tiffany laugh.  They were so open to doing anything for the shot.  We asked them to do a running jump over us over and over again, to learn precariously over the edge of a tall stump, and hardest of all, for Kyle to imitate Tiffany's silly faces.  This proved more challenging than it sounds since Tiffany is remarkably dexterous at making faces!  It was so much fun working with you guys.  I'm excited to see your photo-wedding favors. 


Tiffany and Kyle wanted an image where we shot through stuff and they would be behind it.  We walked around campus looking for good places to do this, when we settled on this patch of tall grasses.  I later realized that this area is actually a dry retention pond for dirty run-off to collect and then be purified by the grasses.  MMM, gross, interesting...and pretty!  Tiffany_Kyle-1001%20copy.jpg

This is Berkeley's Eucalyptus Grove.  The old guys who did the campus planning brought these over from Australia, hoping to make a good wind screen.  They didn't realize that later, these giants would come crashing down on neighboring buildings when they got too old.  Fun fact!



Relaxing on a log after their sprint through the forest. 


Finding interesting lighting is key.


And then making interesting lighting is another key when good lighting doesn't exist. 


Kyle working his charm on Tiffany.