Sandy & John | Napa valley | Domaine Chandon winery | Engagement Session

Napa is one fun place!  I knew from the moment Sandy told me that she wanted to go to Napa that we'll be able to find some cool locations to shoot at.  Not only that, Sandy and John both have had modeling experience.  Check out Sandy's portfolio and web design work at, she's got some great shots in her galleries! 

It was super hot in Napa that day and we were constantly battling the heat, but Sandy and John were troopers.  We started off shooting at the front mushroom garden on Domaine Chandon winery in Napa.   It was a fun location with all these mushroom rocks that a local artist made.  John was pretty excited to bring his Ford Retro Thunderbird to the shoot and we made some good use of that fun prop.  The huge wine crates at the winery served as a very cool backdrop and we didn't get kicked out! 

I can't wait to shoot their wedding in August and then their post-wedding session!  I'm sure Sandy's going to look absolutely stunning in her dress.  Thanks guys for the wine and everything else! 

 Sandy lookin' cute.


Sandy and John lookin' hot! 


Love this shot of them! 


Almost feels like they're walking through a fairy tale.   


The cool wine glass wall that we found inside. 


Loved the lighting in there, with the small warm hard lights.   


The crates were really cool to be next to, literally!  So we stayed there for a while.   


John had to climb up there for this dangerous shot, but I think he's a certified crate climber.  Great idea John! 


John's Retro Bird.  So hot!  We actually had to put a towel underneath Sandy, because the car was very hot.  Hot couple, hot car, hot photographers, hot sun!  


It kinda looks like they're on a ship with all those containers.