Jolene & Chris | Milpitas | Golf Land | Summitpointe Golf Club | Mini Golf | Engagement Session

Running through a mini-golf course and terrorizing families was fun.  Ok, we didn't terrorize families, but they were all staring at us and giving us that polite awkward smile.  Some were laughing with us too.  Or is it laughing at us?  Well let's just say that we all had so much fun. 

Jolene and Chris were such a blast to hang out with and shoot.  Their whole wedding is centered around a golf theme.  They were so excited for this shoot and when we got to running around the Milpitas Gold Land course, we all felt like little kids being bad.  We climbed onto anything and everything.  We thought for sure we were going to get kicked out.  I guess security was non-existant that day.  

Afterwards, we decided to do some "normal" pictures at Summitpoint Golf Club.  Well, normal to us usually means finding a mean backdrop and making our couples look beauteous.  Oh and this is the second shoot in consecutive weeks that showcases a cool convertible!

Remember that Target shoot we had with Steve and Audrey?  Well we took it literally this time. 


 After some Kung-Fu fighting, they became friends.  The fighting pictures were too violent to post for younger audiences. 


 I love these shots!


The A Frame. 


 This was our 9th symphony at Golf Land.  We had so much fun doing this!


 After Jolene saves Chris's butt from Mr. Dragon, he decides that the least he can do is propose, while Dumbledore cues the cheesy music.


 We managed to capture this nice picture in front of a giant volcano.


 Do all guys with convertibles get to make out with girls like this? 


Jolene_Chris-10.JPG Jolene_Chris-11.JPG

Caught this one while they weren't looking. 



I was so scared that we were going to get hit.  Making out in the sand pits is so dangerous and hot!