Nina & Chang Soo | Christ the King Church | Pleasant Hill | Bridges Golf Club | San Ramon | Wedding

Nina and Chang Soo's wedding was a dream to shoot.  So many perfect elements came together like having a beautiful bride, a fun wedding party and of course beautiful locations.  We also had another awesome photographer, Carmen Alvarez, come out and shoot with us too!  Having three photographers there is like a dream, because we know that absolutely everything is getting covered and all we have to do is take fun shots the whole time.

We had a blast riding around in golf carts with the whole wedding party before the reception.  The club gave us four carts and we found some cool places to shoot.  We got in trouble too, because we were going into dangerous areas with the potential to get hit by golf balls.  But it was worth it! 

The tea ceremony was a blast to shoot, as the groomsmen had to do all these silly activities to get Nina to come out. I think Chang Soo and his groomsman, David, actually touched lips during one of the noodle sips.  It was really sweet to see how much love there was in the room.  Nina's sister has been waiting day and night for this post, so this one is dedicated to her.   

Nina had some groovy shoes that we lit with an external flash. 


Nina looking fab in her two dresses. 




The groomsmen had to go through "trials" in order to see the bride.  This particular trial involves a single rice noodle and two men, sort of like Lady and the Tramp.  Hilarity ensues. 



Changsoo and Nina were married in Christ the King Church in Pleasant Hill.  The church had a huge skylight above the stage that lit the up couple.   


 Their ceremony had such a celebratory atmosphere because the officient was so lively and funny.  Nina's parents cracking up:


 The lighting inside the church was so juicy!


Playing a friendly game of tag, like all brides do at their wedding.


Bridges Golf Club has a cool tunnel where we sought refuge during mid-day.  The men looking studly inside the tunnel. 


 The ladies strolling down the tunnel.


The patterns of the corrugated metal made for some cool shots.



We found a nice grassy area in the golf course and squeezed a couple shots in, hoping to miss the flying golf balls. 



 Some delicious pink details.


Nina's little sister gave a touching tearful toast. Changsoo_Nina-21.JPG

Changsoo cracks up at his best man's toast.   


Their venue overlooked the amazing golf course and was breath taking at sunset.


One of Nina and Chang-soo's friends sang Josh Groban's The Prayer.  I couldn't believe my ears!!   I had to keep my mouth from hanging open in awe.  This girl... she's good.