Jennifer & Cedric | Lake Elizabeth Park | Fremont | Engagement Session

We were pretty excited when we found out that Jennifer and Cedric wanted to do a volley ball themed engagement session.  They didn't mind landing on their faces again and again to help us get the shot, so really they deserve some high fives for a risky shoot. 

I played varsity volleyball in highschool, so this shoot had a very close place to my heart.  All those memories of the times that the ball hit me square in the face and my skin sliding against the gym floor came flooding back to me.  We had so much fun with all the action shots, that it made me really want to play again.  It was a blast hanging out with such a silly and laid back couple. 

Jennifer showing off her digging skills. 


 Cedric showing off his spiking skills.  There are ones with the ball actually going over the net, but this one just looks so cool!




 During the shoot, we invented a hybrid of volley ball and kung fu. 


Jennifer owning Cedric at the net.   


 The "don't mess with us on the court" pose.