Amy & Wayne | Sequoyah Country Club | Claremont Resort | Oakland Hills | Wedding

It seems like things are coming in pairs for us this year.  We had a pair of back-to-back engagement shoots with convertibles in them.  A pair of back-to-back LA weddings in May and June.  A pair of country club weddings back-to-back.  This time we had a beautiful wedding at the Sequoyah Country Club up here in the Oakland Hills. 

Amy and Wayne are avid golfers, with Wayne coming to this country club almost every weekend.  It's a spanking nice golf course with a breathtaking 10th hole that looks out over the bay.  We even spotted Mike Dirnt, the bassist for Green Day, on the course.  Who would have thought. 

Wayne was super excited that we got to do a shoot on the course.  I think we both wanted to just pick up some clubs and golf that day, but of course we had a wedding to tend to.  We had so much fun at the wedding though.  At one point everyone was trying to get Wayne to jump into the swimming pool.  But he was too sober.  Next time.

Hey Amy, one more shot?   
Flowers by Nicole Ha

DJing by A Sound Enterprise

 Ingrid catching Amy doing her vows.   Supposedly, Wayne finished his a while ago.  Amy_Wayne_blog-01%20copy.jpg

Amy lookin' gorgeous next to some nice window lighting. 

Amy_Wayne_blog-02%20copy.jpg Amy_Wayne_blog-03%20copy.jpg

Wayne lit up when it came time to do the golf shoot.  He actually rushed away in his golf cart and returned to us with all his clubs.  We love it when the guys have fun too.


FORE!  Hitting a golf ball 300 yards in a wedding dress?  Take that Tiger!



 Wayne couldn't stop smiling the whole time.  Good times. 


 We were able to incorporate his brand new driver into their wedding pictures!


I ran after Amy as she drove the golf cart around in circles.  I almost ran into a tree, a mud hole and got ran over by the cart, but it's all good. 



 While Amy was getting ready, she said "Wayne better cry!".  He did.



Amy and Wayne did a great job with the details.  The night before their wedding, Amy stood up late making last minute details!  I loved the rich color scheme.  Nicole, the florist, did an amazing job.


Their wedding favors were white chocolate truffle golf balls with golf tees.   



I think Wayne snorted some of that stuff.  Amy was having way too much fun.


I love this first dance shot! 



Thanks guys for such a fun night!