Alex & Joshua | Golden Gate Park | De Young Museum | Treasure Island | Engagement Session

The 2008 wedding season is in full gear and we've been doing a ton of engagement sessions.  Almost all of our couples have opted to get an engagement session and we've been getting a lot of people who just get an engagement session from us even though we can't shoot their wedding.  So we'll be doing over 40 engagement sessions alone this year!  Who would have thought ten years ago that these shoots would become so popular.  Jesh de Rox in Canada is an engagement session master and he's charging over $5000 for just the engagement session alone!  So yes, the engagement session is here to stay and I believe that this segment will continue to grow as couples begin to be aware of how special these images will be to them 10, 20, 30 years from now. 

The approach to each session for me is always slightly different, but I think the underlining current is one of discovery.  Every session is a small adventure, because for the most part both parties have never ventured in this new territory before.  I've never shot the couple before and the couple has more than likely never been in a shoot like this.  This always leads to awkward, funny, anxious, silly, solemn, hilarious, tearful, joyous,  ______ (fill in the blank) moments of discovery.  This path always leads to something that has never been created or captured before and won't be repeated in the same manner ever again.  And to be able to share this with's my honor and privilege. 

 Alex and Joshua, thank you for an amazing time.  You have this wellspring of joy together that inspires me. 





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