Elizabeth & Brendan | Berkeley Botanical Garden | Wurster Hall | UC Berkeley Campus | Engagement Shoot

I have this special connection with Brendan and Elizabeth.  Actually, Ingrid and I both have a connection with the both of them.  I used to work with them during the CALPACT days on UC Berkeley campus.  It was surreal getting to shoot them, because now we were in this completely different situation.  I'm used to asking them to help me teach a class or something, not snuggle or kiss in front of me while I take photos of them.  I think that's what made it all the more fun! 

Ingrid and Elizabeth had the architecture major connection.  When we went inside of Wurster Hall, the architecture major building on Berkeley campus, I think they were both flooded with memories of all nighters on the 8th floor.  I just couldn't believe how messy that place was!  Well they both survived and now were able to play inside the building, instead of having to worry about making the perfect cardboard structure.  

Brendan and Elizabeth also have the biggest hearts when it comes to helping their friends out for their weddings.  I've seen them at so many weddings decorating and now I look forward to seeing them being on the receiving end of all that lovin'.  You guys rock!

Elizabeth was having fun, while Brendan became a little camera shy. 



Brendan pulling Elizabeth away from the big tree monster.   


Good boy meets bad girl.  


Good boy woos bad girl. 


Good boy looks like he has no idea what he's getting himself into. 

I love the lighting and feel of this pic.  And they look like they belong in some cool ad campaign. 



Dirty concrete corner, with scratchy glass and bright sunlight make for a cool picture. 


 I must confess, I didn't actually see the square composing Brendan's face when I shot this.  Sometimes, I just get lucky.