Curtis & Shana | San Francisco | Urban | Pier | North Beach | Golden Gate | Engagement Session

Curtis and Shana are awesome photographers from Missouri.  They have their own studio emphasizing in seniors, babies and children at  So when they contacted us and wanted us to do their engagement session, we were stoked!  They flew all the way out to San Francisco, one of their favorite spots, for this session.  Shana wanted something more urban and edgy, because their wedding will be full of greenery.  That's one of my favorite things to hear, because I love the look and feel of an urban shoot. 

I can't blame them for wanting to come all the way out to SF for a shoot, because the weather is so nice here!  Curtis and Shana were so easy going and fun to work with.  They were up for anything, even though they probably felt really silly at times.  There was one shot in the park where Shana was lying down and Curtis was on top of her with me shooting down on them to get the cool looking grass around them.  I wanted to make sure I got a good shot with the hands in the right place, so it took some time to get that.  Fun times! 

The lovely Shana. 


 Curtis lookin' quite dapper.


 Shana forgot her shoes when we first met up, so we had to go back and get them, I think it was worth it. 


 We found this cool spot in between all these buildings. 


 Having some fun in some random restaurant.  We went inside for the lighting and ended up just fooling around.


 I never shot through a trash can before.  Almost feels like you're looking through a medieval helmet.


 This back alley was cool.  Love the shadows and play with light.


 Shana being her cute self.  Curtis enjoying every bit of it!


 So, this is that shot I talked about above.  Love the look on Shana's face.  Thanks Curtis for being such a great hand model.FAST_2008-1285%20copy.jpg

I love this take on the Golden Gate Bridge.  The lighting, colors and Shana look great! 



 We saw this wall of huge flowers on our walk randomly.  Made for an interesting frame.