Richard & Esther | San Francisco | Embarcadero | Bay Bridge | Pier | Engagement Session

When I first met Richard and Esther I just remember them being so kind and warm to me.  They are such a sweet couple and spending time with them was like a breath of fresh air.  Walking around Embarcadero with them reminded me of scenes from movies where the couple has a happy ending together walking off into the distance.  Richard was kind enough to share his favorite get away spots around that area and now I know where to find him when he wants to be left alone! 

I can't wait for October to roll around as we'll be going out to Bali to shoot their destination wedding! 


I never get tired of shooting the Bay Bridge.  I like it even better than the golden one across the way. 


I love the connection that they both have with each other.   



We almost got run over taking these shots, but it was worth it! 



This feels like one of those scenes out of a romantic movie.