Iris & Eric | Verandas | The Belamar Hotel | Manhattan Beach | Los Angeles | Wedding

Iris and Eric had a beautiful wedding at Verandas in Manhattan Beach, CA.  It was super windy that day, which brought up the chill factor, but the wedding went off without a hitch.  It was so windy that as Iris was walking down the aisle her veil stood straight up into the air.  It was acting like one of those weather vanes, so her bridesmaid had to help her keep it down. 

Iris and Eric were both so happy that day.  Seeing a childhood friend getting married is one of those surreal moments, because I knew Iris from Junior high and that's the Iris that I still have in my mind when I talk to her.  How fast we grow up.  Seeing her mom for the first time made me realize where she gets her fun personality.  The best part for me was when Eric's father gave his toast.  I think he had the audience in tears by the end.  I love it when a parent can give a good roast in such a loving manner. 

Iris getting all made up.  She's got such beautiful eyes! 


 A different take on the shoes.


The girls got ready at The Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach.  This place has some swanky furnishings. 


I think this ring shot would make for a cool poster.   


She had such a beautiful dress with great details.   



Love this shot of her lounging around.  A different take on lighting the flowers. 

Iris_Eric_blog-09.JPG Iris_Eric_blog-10.JPG

 The stunning setup at Verandas.



 Eric was so happy coming down that aisle. 





A rare quiet moment during the toasts.

This is what they looked like most of the time during the toasts.  Iris could not stop laughing! 


They had this whole dance routine for everyone.  I love the blank look on Eric's face as Iris is trying to tell him that he needs to pay attention to her.   



Love how her mom is so playful with her co-workers.   


Eric's father raising the roof with his new daughter-in-law.