Kenneth & Connie | San Francisco | Crissy Fields | Downtown | Pre-Wedding Shoot

I love pre-wedding shoots.  And post-wedding shoots.  What's up with all these shoots nowadays?  I can hardly keep up with all of them.  Here's all the various shoots I have seen and heard about.

Pre-engagement, propsal, pre-wedding, engagement, destination engagement, boudoir, bridal, wedding, destination wedding, post-wedding, trash the dress, anniversary.  Am I missing one?!

Well Kenneth and Connie had a pre-wedding shoot and then an engagement shoot afterwards.  A pre-wedding shoot is when the couple gets all dressed up in their wedding attire before their wedding and we go on a shoot together.  How fun is that!  I love this, because we get more time to shoot with the couple and the bride in her dress makes for some amazing images.  

Here are a couple of images from the shoot.  Can't wait for their wedding in June!

 Ingrid is getting SO good with editing images now.  She blew me away when she showed me this one.


This could become my favorite image this year.



Kenneth whispering sweet nothings.


There was a lot of passion and romance going on between Kenneth and Connie.  What you don't see is their friends in the background that kept making barfing noises!  Gotta love the entourage.


Love how you can see Connie's freckles in this one.  I've got freckles too!