Sarah & Amritz | Seattle | Destination Engagement | EMP | Pike's | First Starbuck's

David Wittig, a fellow wedding photog and friend of mine, once spoke about taking our photography to the next level through destination engagement sessions.  Right after his talk I was so stoked about telling my brides about this crazy good idea.  Destination weddings are generally too expensive for a lot of couples to plan and most people only see them in those fancy magazines.  So I tell them about how a destination engagement session is the perfectly affordable way to get gorgeous shots in a different city. 

Sarah and Amritz were born and raised in LA, so coming out to Seattle was definitely a new experience for them.  Being Seattle, we were really worried about the weather, because the forecast had been for rain all week long.  The day before we shot, it rained.  Luckily, the day we went out to shoot the weather was perfect.  And then the next day, it rained and snowed a lot.  This has happened to me numerous times with weddings and engagements.  I like to think God is looking out for us sometimes. 

Sarah found out about us through Iris and Eric.  She loved their engagement session, so there was a little pressure to knock this one out of the park.  Amrtiz and Sarah were up for anything, so that made it a thousand times easier.  I love how some of the shots came out.  Can't wait for their wedding next month!

We had traveled under this walkway so many times before Ingrid stopped us and forced us to take a picture here.  She's a landscape architecture major, so she knows what she's doing.   


I made Ingrid chase all these birds into the picture.  It was a hilarious sight.  I love Sarah's yellow jacket in it! 


Inside the public market. 


There go the birds again.  They loved modeling for us that day.   


The first starbucks ever.  I think they have tamed down their logo tons now.  The couple was soaking it up in front of a growing audience of tourists.


Sarah and Amritz had fun being a little silly.   


Amritz is completely smitten.  Please don't kill me for announcing that bro. 



Running in front of Paul Allen's EMP


Hanging out in front of Seattle's Space Needle.


We just received a 11x16 metallic print of this shot in the mail today.  The print is absolutely beauteous.  We're going to be showing it off at all our client meets.  You guys are going to be famous! 




Inside their parking garage Sarah and Amritz showed off their Taekwondo skills.  Amritz is a black belt and Sarah is a yellow belt.   


  Of course I had to get in my fix of something Avant Garde.  Can anyone guess what's happening?Sarah_Amritz_edit-20.JPG

You can probably find some kind of meaning behind this one, but I just wanted to see them lying on the floor.