Alex & Josh | Casa Garden | Sacramento | Wedding

Be careful who you sit next to at a wedding reception, because they just might become your photographer!  That's how it began with Alex, Josh and us.  We were shooting Tony and Stephanie's wedding, when the charming couple next to us told us that they're getting married a year later.  We exchanged information and the rest is history. 

Alex and Josh had a small and intimate wedding at the Casa Garden in Sactown (not sure if they still call it that, but it rolls off the tongue much better).  Their friends and family were so nice to us that we instantly felt like we were a part of the wedding, too.  I think I could have followed Alex's dad around all day and just photograph him.  He was a well of emotion contained in a bear of a man that day.  He held himself together pretty well though. 

Alex and Josh couldn't wait to dance throughout the whole day.  Their reception was cut a little short because the curfew was pushed up, so when the time came, everyone boogied like crazy.  People got down and I mean DOWN on the dance floor.  That kind of stuff is contagious!

Thanks so much for letting us be a part of the family that day. 

Their first look together.  HOT.

Alex got to share a quiet moment with her parents before the whole thing started.

These guys were tons of fun to shoot.  As soon I said leap frog their eyes lit up, and we quickly ushered Josh in to be platform from which his groomsmen would vault off of.  HOLY COW, this guy has hops.  I love Josh's apprehensive body language.

The beautiful bride!  I loved that Alex wore her hair down and her bouquet looked like wild flowers.  It made everything look so natural and effortlessly pretty.

Josh is all smiles!

He knows he snagged a good one.

Love this shot of all the girls.  Such sweet emotion!

Sportin' the super glam. 

My favorite shot of the day.   

And the crazy dancing begins!  Here are a couple great ones of the groomsmen getting down.  

Jawdropping.  Yeah, me too!