Jody & Mick | UC Berkeley Campus | Campanile | Engagement Shoot

Things are heating up around here!  We've got 2 more engagement shoots and 6 more weddings to post in the next couple weeks.  Yikes!  How fast can we work...hmmm, time to crack the whip!  

Mick and Jody's engagement shoot was so fun to shoot.  They were so comfortable in front of the camera and were able to just talk to each other the whole time as if I wasn't even there.  We got just hang out and talk a lot too on the Berkeley campus.  It felt like I was a student there again, just watching everyone walk on by, except this time I had a big camera and not a backpack on my person.  

This is like my billionth time I've shot on campus, so it's getting harder and harder to come up with new shots.  How many times can I shoot the Campanile from a different angle?  But, we managed to try different things and that always leads to even better shots.  

So thanks guys for being troopers and doing all sorts of silly things on campus!  Can't wait to shoot your wedding in 11 days! 

Campanile take #45,900,882!


Love the color of the blue sky on these.  Ingrid just rocked it on the post processing.




Love this series!   




Love me some backlight!


Love me some flair!