Maricar & James | St. Raymond Church | San Ramon Community Center | Wedding

During their engagement shoot, I was really excited to learn that James and Maricar own five chickens!  Oh man, I couldn't wait to see them.  I love chickens!  On the day of the wedding, James showed me how to wrangle the chickens and pick them up.  We took pictures of them with the chickens, but Maricar wouldn't get near them.  And that's pretty much how we began their wedding shoot.  

Oh and the funniest thing happened during the ceremony.  The men in James' family has had a long history of crying first at weddings, well not just crying, but bawling even.  James and Maricar had a bet on who would cry first.  So the moment James opens his mouth for his vows, he lets out this big cry/laugh at the same time.  And most of the audience knew about this bet too, so everyone was cracking up together. 

Our friend and photographer Liz Song also shot with us.  She got so many great shots, I can't wait to work with her again. 

The dress shot, done a little differently. 

I love this picture because it was the exact moment that Maricar heard her top clasp click.  It's always an ordeal to get the dress on, and she was so happy, she pumped her fists in the air.

Cool cats in a coop of chickens.


We crossed a construction zone on our way to the mall.  Thought this went well with their wedding colors.

Liz brought the wedding party to the nearby grocery store to grab some drinks and popcicles.  I love this shot!

Maricar couldn't help but laugh at James losing his bet.

Do you guys know what a trust fall is?  Here is Maricar showing that she really trusts her wedding party.  Team building exercises before the reception!

Some sweet details.

There was an overload of cute children at their wedding.

This technicolor wall was a great idea.