A father's love

So while we were doing Audrey Reeder's Album Cover shoot at the Mountain View Cemetary, Audrey had a great idea.  She asked us if we could shoot Steve, her boyfriend, and his daughter, Zai, right after the shoot in the same place.  This wasn't just a simple request though.  This was the last time that they would be together for a while.  It was a sad situation, but you wouldn't know it if you were there with us on the shoot.

We had so much fun with Zai.  She was shy at the beginning and wouldn't want her picture taken, but if you know me, I love kids and if you give me ten minutes with them I'll get them to open up and be themselves soon enough.  Afterwards, we went out to sushi and Zai kept stealing my seaweed salad.  Spending time with them was really special and even though we just all met, I felt really connected with them afterwards.  And I miss Zai already.  At the end of our time, she gave me two big hugs and two kisses on my cheek!  My girlfriend was jealous. 

Thanks for letting us into your world Steve, you have a beautiful relationship with your daugther.  It was an honor to be able to preserve these memories for you.

Here's a sneak preview of our time together.  

SteveZaizai-100%20copy.jpgSteveZaizai-101%20copy.jpg SteveZaizai-102%20copy.jpg