Calah & Noe Sneak Preview

I love getting sneak previews of things to come.  Whether it's movie trailers, techy gadgets, or cool events.  It ramps up the imagination and allows you to fantasize about what might be coming next.  This sneak preview is no exception.  We had such a great time at their wedding.  I love simple, down to earth weddings, they have such an organic quality to them.  It was an honor to be around their friends and family who showed them SOOO much love.  Calah and Noe are truly blessed.  Way more pictures to come.  Stay tuned.

We also added something new to our post processing too!  Can you guess what it is?  Leave a comment and we'll be dropping random print gift certificates worth $10 to any event that we shoot.  Winners will be announced when we release their slideshow.   



Calah%20Noe%20Slideshow126%20copy.jpg Calah%20Noe%20Slideshow138%20copy.jpgCalah%20Noe%20Slideshow140%20copy.jpgCalah%20Noe%20Slideshow141%20copy.jpgCalah%20Noe%20Slideshow143%20copy.jpgCalah%20Noe%20Slideshow145%20copy.jpgCalah%20Noe%20Slideshow159%20copy.jpg