Kevin & Connie | Emeryville Urban Ore | Berkeley Marina | Engagement Shoot

When we asked Kevin and Connie to meet us at Urban Ore, we were so glad that they did not run away screaming from us.  Urban Ore is a center for reused merchandise.  Inside the very large warehouse are countless numbers of broken doors, old light fixtures, and wobbly tables, some of which we made Connie leap from.  Our orginal idea was to play around with lighting, using our external flashes and natural light.  If you're curious about how we got some of these cool shots, just shoot us an email.

They must have thought that we were crazy, but Kevin and Connie showed us so much enthusiasm and warmth and were willing to do anything to get the shot.  We had so much fun pretending to play golf and bouncing on the rickety trampoline.  I hope they had fun too.

When sunset was approaching, we hurried to Berkeley Marina's Cesar Chaves Park.  Connie toted a purple parasol that we had purchased from Urban Ore and the four of us headed up a large hill only to be blasted by unusually high velocity winds.  I have to give them props- our fingers were frozen, reflectors and parasols were flying everywhere, and they still managed to look great.