we're about to bomb your RSS feeders

with blog posts every single day this week.  yup, full blog postings every single day.  why the sudden torrential outpouring you say?  

well we're leaving for NYC on oct. 22nd and coming back oct. 26th.  then oct. 27th we're leaving for bali and then coming back on nov. 6th.  we'll be shooting two engagement sessions in NYC and a wedding.  Then we'll be shooting a bali post wedding session and spending the extra time there to get some well deserved massages.  full body.  which means that we need to push everything out the door, fire sale style, before we leave so we can get images to our beloved clients on time.  

we've been cranking out production in our studio 24/7 these days and we'll be doing 25/7 worth of work this week getting all this stuff out.   

and what blog post is complete without a picture posting?  we realized that we had an absolute dearth of images of ourselves.  it's the story of the cobbler having no shoes of his own.  so we went out and shot some recent photos of ourselves playing around.  there's more in the about us section of the blog.  

ingrid easily amuses herself and those around her.  the lady on the right is stephanie, our fantasmically awesome designer/assistant/laugh machine.