kevin + irene | san francisco | engagement session

night sessions can be seen as a virtual nightmare for photography.  most photographers like to work with natural light.  i do too.  but i actually enjoy working in night situations, because it forces me to use so many different types of light sources in creative ways.  

we started the session with kevin and irene running down a busy street in downtown san francisco.  they almost got run over by a car.  that day was very windy and cold.  so i wanted to warm them up by having them run.  it also helped that the city backdrop there looked so cool.  

we ran into a private garage next and snapped some cool shots.

love the contrast in these photos and the colors!

parking garages can make for some of the most creative lighting situations.

this shot was produced with an external strobe off to the right behind me going off with a very low setting just to catch a glimpse of someone walking past.  


it was cold enough to see your breath.