Venice & Yoshi | DeYoung Museum | Golden Gate Park | San Francisco | Engagement Session

My time with Venice and Yoshi was so chill.  We met in front of the DeYoung Museum inside Golden Gate Park on a sunny afternoon.  The DeYoung and the park always makes for a fun canvas.  I actually woke up that morning with racing thoughts of inspiration for this shoot.  In an effort to constantly keep things fresh, I'm always looking for things to inspire me.  This time it was the thought of freedom.  The freedom to shoot whatever comes to mind and just go for it. Freedom from any rules about how to shoot an engagement session.  Within, some boundaries of course.  It wouldn't be very useful if I just did macro shots of their third fingernails. 

Hanging out with you guys was so relaxing and informative!  I can't wait to see you guys for your wedding on Sunday. 



Holding hands is out.  Pinky holds are in.  They've actually been doing this for many years now. 


 Her smile is gorgeous.


Crazy times! 



I have no idea what this was, but it was huge.  And kinda scary jumping up and down on it with them. 


 Venice's favorite watch version 2.  She lost the first one, so Yoshi bought her another one.  Ingrid has a boy's watch too, so we related on that level.


 Infinity couple.


Shooting in harsh mid-day light can make for some interesting images. 



For some reason I can't stop looking at this one.