Connie & Kenneth | Shin Bu Bridal | Wilshire United Methodist | Wilshire Plaza Hotel | Los Angeles | Wedding

Style.  Kenneth and Connie, has gotten that word down pat.  Their wedding had a grand and classy feel to it all over.  Her dress was pretty amazing, with an extra long veil for cool flying in the wind type shots.  Made for catching some dramatic shots pretty easy.   We got tons of time to shoot with Connie at Shin Bu Bridal in Koreatown, so we had a blast trying tons of shots. 

Thanks Kenneth and Connie, for letting us be a part of your day, can't wait to see how your album comes out! 


The Medusa shoe shot.



Feels like a Cinderella moment.Connie_Kenneth-04%20copy.jpgConnie_Kenneth-05%20copy.jpg

Water fountain + rings = cool. 



Guys always have tons of fun on the wedding day.  Most of them probably aren't expecting to have a good time, but guys seem to really enjoy changing together in a big room and acting silly. 


Palm trees in the chapel?!  Crazy times!  


I don't know what they were talking about, but it was cute.


We did their couple portraits in a record 15 minutes!





There was a very cool hula hoop competition during the reception.  They must have cleaned out Toys R Us the day before.


Kenneth showed off his muscles for everyone in this never before seen (by us) game where you squat the bride and scream into the microphone.  The next day, Jerry and I tried to see if he could squat me.  It wasn't pretty.


 They did the Dirty Dancing routine!  I don't know how brides are able to walk in their dresses, much less do THAT dance!  Connie_Kenneth-21.JPG