Ty + TY | Venice Beach | Los Angeles | Wedding Part 1

If I had any idea how awesome Tyler and Terence's wedding day would turn out to be, I think I would have been pretty nervous to shoot such an intimate and heartfelt event.  All the way up to the event, during the event and afterwards, Ty and TY were 110% living in each moment.  I was seriously convicted by Terence's vow to Tyler that he'll always live in the moment for her and their family.  Well, this morning beach ceremony was definitely a moment that Terence was giving it his all.  He wanted so badly to give Tyler the wedding of her dreams, which would have been a destination wedding far off, but with the economy being the way it is these days, they just couldn't afford it.  Well, lack of money is no excuse for lack of effort right?  Terence had all his friends come out to the beach that morning and invited them to witness a tearjerking and emotional mini-ceremony.  

We took so many pictures that day that we had to split their blog post into two parts.  Here's some highlights from the morning!