Philadelphia Destination Engagement Photography | Dr. Sarah + Dr. Steve

This destination engagement shoot was special.  This is my cousin, Sarah, and her fiance, Steve.  She'll be the first to go in our family, so it's been fun realizing that I get to be such an integral part at this point in her life.  Ingrid and I spent almost a whole week out there with them, so we got to know Steve pretty well.  Before that, I had only seen him three times briefly, so hanging out with him at his home was very different.  They are both busy doctors, but Steve manages to watch and re-watch every episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  He's Tivo'ed every episode, so one night he got us caught up on the whole season!  We were mesmerized, because we actually don't own a TV.  

We'll be shooting their wedding next year, so you'll be seeing a ton of pics of my family up here, which is going to be a weird experience for me.