Steve & Audrey | Berkeley | New Church Berkeley | Bancroft Hotel | Hargrove Music Library | Wedding

Steve and Audrey kicked off their new year with a wedding.  There aren't many better ways to start your new year than to celebrate your new life togehter by throwing a huge party for all your friends and family.  If you read about their engagement session, you know that Steve and Audrey are two very awesome people.  They got hitched at New Church Berkeley and then headed on over to the Bancroft Hotel to party it up.  

The biggest concern for all of us was the huge downpour of rain going on that whole week.  Normally, shooting in light rain is no problem and is actually very fun.  But, of course, we had to think of contingency plans if the rain was pouring down too hard.  That saturday morning, the weather cleared up so perfectly that it seemed as though God had something to do with it.  I wouldn't be surprised as so many other things came through so well for this wedding to happen. 

Steve and Audrey are in New Zealand right now, but if you guys are reading this then have a safe flight back!  There's a couple surprises left for you at home that I had nothing to do with. 

 Can anyone guess what these rings are on? 


This is the girls' make up kit.  


This is the guys' make-up kit.


I don't know how Cindy managed to do Audrey's make-up in complete darkness.  She's so talented! 


Like Vanna White, Steve showcased his pocket full of kleenex.  You never know if you or the bride is going to let it all out.


 Audrey looking BEAUTIFUL!


The Bancroft Hotel had a real classy feel to it.  



Audrey snuck up behind Steve when they were about to see each other for the first time that day.  But when she tapped him on the back, Steve wouldn't turn around.  Oh, the games we play.


Monkeying around.  The whole time Ingrid was extremely anxious because this is like the oldest tree in Berkeley or something important like that and she is a lover of trees.  






Steve's been waiting for this moment a very looooong time!


I love all the colors in this shot.


So cute together.  


Jerry told Audrey to thrust her hip out for a pose.  She wasn't quite sure she was doing it right, so Steve showed her how.  I think that's almost too fierce!   




I never fail to get all emotional when couples hug their parents.  If you see me in the back, I'm always covering my face with the camera during these moments.  


baby bell!


Steve and Audrey are near professional dancers.  Actually, I think Steve is considered a pro on certain circuits.  That move right there is almost as slick as The Roger Rabbit. 




The girls decided to take back Audrey.  Steve tried to protect her in vain.