Cindy & Dave | GAP Building | Treasure Island | San Francisco | Engagement Session

We've known Cindy and David separately for many years.  During their engagement shoot, Dave reminded me of one time in college, when I messaged him a picture of an alarming piece of doo-doo that I had run into online.  I still don't remember why I did that, but that (among other things) has earned me the nickname "i-poop".   Jerry met David about 9 years ago when he was still in high school!  Now we have all graduated and Dave is on his way to becoming a pastor and marrying the most loving person I know!  

While shooting one of our first weddings, Cindy broke the news to us that they had begun dating.  Our eyeballs almost flew out!  I remember that she was so happy, she was visibly glowing.  For some reason it had never occurred to us before that they would get together.  Now that we know them as a couple, they compliment each other so well that I can't imagine them apart. 

They are constantly making each other laugh.   We wandered around San Francisco for a little while looking for cool places to shoot.




Cindy works at GAP and was able to let us onto their roof top terrace.  



Some friends say that they look alike, if you ignore that they look completely different.  hehe.  I think it's in their facial proportions.    


Scuzzy rosemary creatures! 



The GAP building was built around this gigantic sculpture! 





woah woah woah... crazy times.