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Sandy and John had a beautiful ceremony at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph, one of the most gorgeous churches that I've shot at.  Sandy and John are both easy on the eyes and have had actual experience modeling.  Beyond all this though, the thing that left the greatest impression on me was the fact that their friends really respected and admired them for who they are.  John has a heart of gold and when you're around him you really do get the feeling that he's looking out for your best interest.  Sandy is a super sweet and gentle spirit.  They're like disgustingly blessed with so much it's almost unfair.  

FACT: We took so many pictures at this wedding that we filled up 80Gbs of compact flash memory cards, the most ever!  Yes, our cameras couldn't get enough of the ridiculously good looking couple.  

A bunch of vendor info!

Celebrant: Fr. Michael Hendrickson

Dress: Sagunto, La Sposa

Shoes: Coloriffics

Makeup: Sarah Viraphanth (

Hair: Heidi Johnson (

Veil: Trudy's Bridal in Campbell

Jewelry: Custom made by Jennifer Hsu (

Bouquets, Boutineers and small flower arrangements: Wendy Chen (, flowers ordered from

Church pew and alter, Cake flowers, and tall centerpieces: Frank Cabral, Sunshine Flowers

Wedding Cake: Sheng Kee Bakery, Milpitas

Enhanced lighting: Lisette Cruz, Elle Music & Events (

Cupcakes: Homemade with love – Recipe from Bakerella

DJ/Music – Impact Sounds


Sandy lookin' gorgeous!

the evolution of groomsmen to groom

the amazing cathedral


almost didn't catch this one while following the couple out after the ceremony

they stayed up all week long making these cupcakes on a stick.  they were delicious!

her grandma was the cutest 

love the expression, makes you wonder what she's telling sandy

the groomsmen were a bunch of hams

the first dance

i have no idea what made these girls start celebrating after their picture, it must have been something fun

group high-five

i love this sequence.  i think john was dancing all happy and knocked her in the face by accident.