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these days life is going by so fast that memories of our studio are dotted by these blog posts.  more and more, i get excited about these posts because i really feel like we're constantly evolving, growing, changing and in the midst of it all having a lot of fun creatively.  running your own business and managing everything is very hard work.  we work 12 hour days constantly and get sunburns from our monitors.  and just when we feel like hamsters on a huge human ferris wheel churning out work till no end, we get to see a glimpse of work that makes it all worthwhile.  i hope i never get bored of posting pictures up here for our couples and for everyone else.  when i look back thirty years from now, i hope i'll remember all the nights of working, but most importantly i hope that i never forget the moments that i've spent with all our couples.  

thanks jody and mick for letting us share in something greater than just a party or ceremony, but moments that i hope to remember down the long long road.  

oh and to note, we had lynn-kai chao shoot with us for the day.  it was his birthday and he gave it up to come shoot with us.  many many thanks of gratitude lynn-kai.  if you get a chance, make sure to follow his blog as well, he's got a very bright future as a photographer!