preston castle shoot | part 1 | ione | california

I was graciously invited by Caroline and Dan of Tinywater photography to come shoot with a group of photographers at Preston Castle in Ione.  I know, Ione? I don't know.  But it was a shoot to remember.  The hair, makeup, dresses, and models were "i liiiike very much".  I was reeling from the amount of eye candy all around.  We had to break up this post into 5 parts because of all the goodies.  So everyday we'll release a new one!  

Our first post is some of the getting ready.  Just some teasers to whet the appetite.  Stay tuned...

Raquelle Siders (MUA)
Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Makeup Academy
Solon 916.474.5578

Bridal Dresses
Diamond Bridal Gallery

AGAPE Designs (funky non-wedding dresses)


the florescent light is what is causing the change in color across the image.  cool.

that is some serious hairage.  

raquelle's magic arm working that hair.  harry potter's got nuthin' on her.