preston castle shoot | ione | california | part 2

working with these models was definitely a highlight of the day.  some of them had modeling experience and for one of them it was their first time.  some may say that working with a model is different from working with a bride, but in my experience the feeling is quite the same.  

on any shoot my mind is constantly racing to look for the good light, then the backdrop, then figuring out where to crop the backdrop, which leads to lens selection, then f-stop and shutter speed, then angle and in camera composition.  all the while i'm trying to talk to the subject and keep the energy going so that the subject doesn't get bored or disconnected from me.  

as you can imagine, this is enough to fry your brain and by the end of a shoot my brain is nearly dead.  so whether it's a model shoot or a just another bride, by the end of the day i feel like a bus has ran over me.  and then you get your work back and it's all worth it a hundred times over.