Nina & Chang Soo | Berkeley Botanical Garden | Bamboo Forest | UC Berkeley | Sproul Fountain | Memorial Stadium | Engagement Shoot

Nina and Chang Soo are close friends of mine from college.  They've been together since highschool and are FINALLY tying the knot.  Nina is one of the sweetest girls I know and CS is well...CS.  I don't want to blow his head up here, but he's somewhat smart and one of the wittiest guys I know.  He's so funny in group settings, that I sometimes secretly wish that my jokes were as good as his.  I wonder if that makes me sound like a loser.

Nina is one of my top blog stalkers and has slowly converted CS into one too.  So I knew going into this session that I had to kick major photography butt.  Well Nina's really easy on the eyes and CS is a big ham so it wasn't too hard to make them look good.  We first went to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden and got some natury shots.  I love shooting there because the grounds are huge and there are tons of places to shoot. 

The best location by far was Memorial Stadium though.  Before Memorial Stadium, CS was like most guys and just going along with the whole engagement shoot thing.  But the moment we stepped into Memorial Stadium, he had the hugest smile and was running around the whole field screaming like a little boy. 

We didn't know that the stadium would be open and empty as it was right in the middle of the football season.  Luckily, it was a bye week for Cal and there was no practice going on that day.  We're all huge Cal football fans, so this was like striking gold.  We were so stoked!  GO BEARS!


Nina looks like a million bucks and no CS I'm not hitting on your woman.   


I think they told me that CS had been practicing the "look" for this shoot for quite some time now. HOTNESS!


CS's can't contain his true colors though.  I didn't want to embarrass him by posting up his monkey in the bamboo forest pics. 


Gotta love the reflectors in action.  Don't they look like models in the pic on the right? 


Nina had some really nice jeans on, but of course I had to ruin them for the look.   


 I will never be able to look at the student poster board the same again. 


 This was taken right before the sunset in pure golden light!  Any Berkeley people recognize this fountain?


CS was giddy with excitement the whole time we were at Memorial Stadium.  I have to admit that I was too.   




Nina%20Changsoo%20117.jpg Nina%20Changsoo%20116.jpg

It was eerie at times to see the stadium so empty.  I'm used to seeing thousands of fans here. 


 This one is for all you Cal fans out there, GO BEARS!


I LOVE this shot!  What a way to end the day.