New Banner and the ending season ...

It was time for an upgrade of our blog banner. What do you think? Yea or nay? I personally like it and am hoping later on to make it rotate images in and out every time it is reloaded. Anyone know how to go about doing that?

The 2007 wedding season is coming to a close. This coming saturday our wedding shoot with Kevin and Connie, will be the last one for the year. Don't worry, we'll be constantly posting images as we have lots of engagement sessions and other events to end the year with. Already we're looking forward to 2008 and all the new couples that we'll be working with and the past clients that we'll be seeing at those weddings.

We're so fortunate to have a great group of friends and past clients that are constantly referring us. You know who you are! We're already one third of the way booked up for next year! This time last year we weren't even close to that, but with our blog and great word-of-mouth, things have been picking up much faster.

We're also working hard on our new website and I'm so excited about that. So far the design looks great and we have tons of images to put up there. So I'm just as anxious as all of you who've been asking me. We'll be sure to make an announcement and maybe even have a party to celebrate that!

The blog has been our replacement for the website so I haven't put up much personal posts to clutter the blog, but once our website goes up, we'll be posting up a lot more personal entries with pics to boot!

THANK YOU everyone who has shown us love by commenting on our blog or emailing us. If I could I would give all of you a big bear hug and a sloppy kiss. 2008 here we come!!!