Melissa + Tristan | Astoria | New York | Roosevelt Island | Wedding Photography

I loved this wedding shoot for so many reasons.  As Barney would say, it was legen...wait for it...DARY!!! 

A. I was born in Queens, NY and this trip was my first time back to my birthing place since I was two years old. 
B. NYC was where my father realized his dreams of becoming a fine art painter and I actually got to pay homage to his old art gallery in Manhattan, that is now a converted media marketing business. 
C. I went there planning to shoot alone, but my good friend Carmen Alvarez was in town to shoot another wedding the next day and was able to shoot with me!  These things don't happen by coincidence! 
D. I also got to meet the amazing Rob from Rockmelon videography, who was such a cool guy to hang out with and sweat together in the NY humidity! 
E. Every epic wedding has to have epic troubles right?  The power in the building went out during the getting ready and they had to use their neighbor's apartment to get ready in!  Then the limo didn't show up at all so we had to take taxi's across town. 
F. This is the very FIRST wedding to be held at the southern tip of Roosevelt Island.  How crazily historical is that! 
G. We had the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn cityscape as the backdrops.  I literally lost my brain when I first saw the view.  My eyeballs were already on the ground. 
H. Melissa and Tristan were one HOT couple and so very much in love.  Working with them was so fun, my only regret was that I didn't get to spend more time with them.  But, I'm going to remedy that when I go back out there in October for another wedding. 
I. There are so many more reasons, but I'll just say that it was a night that I will always remember forever.  Words just can't express.  The pictures can do the talking.