Marie + James | Transfiguration Church | Kelley Park | Corinthian Event Center | San Jose | Wedding

Weddings come in all shapes and colors.  Marie and James' wedding was a purple fire breathing dragon of beauty and awesomeness.  That's just the type of couple that they are.  When we first met, I knew that I wanted to do their wedding.  

I will always remember that Marie and James' wedding had one of the funniest slideshows I've ever seen.  James' brothers, makers of the best slideshow in the universe, creatively highlighted James' fun personality by zooming in on his unfortunate childhood snaggle tooth and haircut.  

I love that Marie and James just know how to have fun.  And of course, that they loooooovvee photography.  Aubrey Trinnaman, one of our totally rad studio shooters, came out to shoot with us on this one.  We also had the pleasure of shooting with Mark Kitaoka.  Can you ever have enough photographers?  

Thanks for a lot of laughs and a bumpin' reception!