meg + rahul | karaoke rager wedding sneak peak!

we're sitting at the komaneka resort in Ubud, Bali right now and it's 5:53am.  We're about to go shoot our last post-wedding shoot with our totally gracious and awesome couple.  if you haven't been to Bali yet, well hot diggity you're missing out!  this place is so gorgeous, we ate lunch on a hilltop overlooking a whole valley of rice fields yesterday.  ingrid is next to me with 29 mosquito bites and i have 10.  we want to throw every mosquito in the world into a vat of chemical solution. 

this will be our last post before we officially start our vacation today after the shoot.  so bye!

we are really excited about posting meg and rahul's wedding.  we think your eyeballs might explode from excitement.  in fact, we couldn't wait so here are a few sneak peaks!  

their wedding had a karaoke costume party reception.  jerry and i take up the mantle to spread costume party karaoke to the whole world.  here, pictured, is adam (the first one) or tarzan playing air guitar with a boa constrictor.  freakin' awesome can't even describe his performance.

this is the bride crowd surfing.