giovanna + ray | golden gate club | san francisco | wedding

our last day in NY.  we're about to fly home, pack for 3 hours, then get on the plane to bali!

Giovanna and Ray had all the elements that make a great wedding: a radiant bride, tons of helpful friends, hyper little kids, and dinosaurs!  i really really love dinosaurs so forgive me if there are lots of these crazy little guys in the following pictures. 

Giovanna trying to hold back the tears.  

Ray's father was showing them the lost art of tying a tie. 

the flower girl and her little friends.


kids were being sporadically thrown in the air the whole day.

the little boys stole the microphone away during the speeches to apologize for not doing their wedding duties

there were LOTS of little kids.  i thought this picture of a doll sitting next to champagne glasses was fitting... and strange.