Marianne & Duane | Barbados Wedding Photography | Destination Wedding

When Marianne and Duane met me for their consultation, we all hit it off pretty well.  It wasn't hard, because they're both really silly and had this really chill vibe to them.  I think it's because they knew that they were going to have a destination wedding and were probably thinking more about chilling on the beach rather than worrying about all the small details.  Needless to say, I think all of us had a blast in Barbados and I was so happy that we got to shoot such a hot couple on a hot island with hot beaches.  Thanks so much guys for letting us be a really special part of your day!  -Jerry 

We were joking in the car that we'd photoshop Tiger Woods into Marianne and Duane's wedding pictures because Tiger Woods got married in the resort right next door!  I still think that it's a great idea, hopefully we can do that some time in the future, but right now I haven't been able to find Tiger in anything other than golfing gear.  -Ingrid

When you're on a destination wedding, you want to be able to goto all the hotspots on the island for pictures.  Having a driver that we can trust was paramount.  Valdez "I'm here ta please ya, not ta tease ya" Smith, was our driver for the whole week and he knew the island.  Every store, landmark, building, outhouse we passed by, he would know the whole history behind them.  He is so classy and stylish with his red tipped alligator shoes.  He kept us in high spirits the whole time.  If we ever go back to Barbados, the first thing I'd do is make sure Valdez is our driver for the whole trip.  -Jerry


If we went north, we would have been in Scotland! 


They rented a gorgeous beach house that gave them the perfect setting for their getting ready shots. 


Marianne was stunning! 


 Valdez in style!


This was an old slave house that we happened to pass by.  It had a wonderful patina all around it and we were worried that it was structurally unstable.  However, it seemed the Barbados government protects and hopefully maintains those buildings. 


Look at them model, all professional like!  


This one was one of my favorite pictures.  Her pose reminds me of a swan.


 I call this the "Marianne looks like she's a squirrel" shot.


This was too sexy, so it had to be censored by a white fence.Marianne%20Duane109.jpgMarianne%20Duane110.jpg

Duane didn't like how he looked like in pictures in the past.  I hope we changed that, because that Duane guy, he's so hot right now.   


This was the last shot right before we had to drive back for the ceremony.  We almost didn't get it, but inspiration always seems to come at the last minute!Marianne%20Duane113.jpgMarianne%20Duane114.jpgMarianne%20Duane115.jpgMarianne%20Duane116.jpg

This has got to be the most amazing backdrop for a wedding.  White sandy beach, palm trees, beach house, sigh, someone please take us back.   


Of course, we had to get a cool ringshot for this trip.  Valdez lent us his boxing glove from his rearview mirror.  The moment I saw them dangling, I knew we had the setup for a great ringshot!  No pun intended.Marianne%20Duane118.jpg

It was a small, but very sweet ceremony.Marianne%20Duane119.jpgMarianne%20Duane120.jpgMarianne%20Duane121.jpg

They timed the wedding perfectly to end at sunset.  Actually, it started later than planned, but just so happened to be the perfect timing after all.Marianne%20Duane122.jpg

I love this shot!Marianne%20Duane123.jpg

What a perfect way to end the day.Marianne%20Duane124.jpg