Katie & Ed Wedding

Katie and Ed were such an easy couple to work with.  Besides our cameras completely loving them, they were enthusiastic about doing silly things and we had a great time seeing Katie swing her bouquet like a baseball bat and show us the fine technique of ballroom dancing.  I'm sure they both get their laid back personalities from their parents. During the reception, Ed's dad changed out of his suit into shorts and a t-shirt, because really, how can you boogie out on the dance floor wearing a confining suit?  Catching everyone on the dance floor was my favorite part.

We wish you two and your friends and families all the best!  We hope you enjoy the pictures.



Ed's talented mom arranged all these bouquets herself, as well as all the centerpieces.  She also set up this beautiful shot for me in the bridal room. 


Ed's uniform was decked out with ribbon and metals.  As soon as we saw his uniform, we knew we had to get a bunch of pictures of it.   


Ed's mom is having fun doing hair. 


Big sister and little sister.  When it was time to take Katie's portrait, she brought along her sister for moral support and afterwards we were able to get some cute pictures of both of them dancing together.


They took dance lessons before their wedding and it certainly paid off.  Their instructors also came to the wedding and between the four of them, the dance floor was burning up.  


The guys looking great all squished onto one sofa. 


I loooooove when we get shots of the parents!  They are so cute.


Katie and her mom have almost the same haircut and they look so much alike!  


If any of you are wondering... yes, Ed was very very happy that day. 


One of their guests was wearing such a beautiful dress.  I thought the orchid and her hair just worked together so well, we had to get a shot of it. 


The disco lights made their clothes practically glow.