Marianne & Duane | Barbados | Beach | Engagement Session 2

Barbados Part Deux 

The best part of being back is being able to share our trip with everyone else.  I know it makes people jealous and wish that their job flew them to exotic locales, but it's not all fun and games.  It's hard work!  We had to drive around in taxi's and go to unfamiliar locations.  Eat unfamiliar food.  Swim in unfamiliar beaches with unfamiliar waves.  Did we really want to swim in that crystal clear water and eat that juicy chicken curry Roti?  You mean we have to get out of our air-conditioned hotel rooms and take pictures in warm sunny weather?  What if a shark comes up behind me while I'm exploring a sunken ship while snorkeling? 

Man, that's just too stressful!  Despite all that, we had such a great time going around taking pictures all over Barbados.  We literally drove around the whole island!  Valdez, our driver, was so fun and welcoming.  He took us to old slave homes, sugar cane factories, huge island resorts, the best beaches, the golf resort that Tiger Woods got married at, just everywhere. 

All that unfamiliarity and hard work was worth it! Marianne and Duane's parents even followed us around too, to give us encouragement.  Or was it to make sure that I was taking good pictures?  hmmm.  Well I'm glad they came, because both their moms are fun to hang out with. 

If you haven't caught on by now, there's a little sarcasm about the unfamiliarity.  I LOVE traveling.  That's why I got into wedding photography in the first place. 

TO ALL FUTURE CLIENTS: If you're not having a destination wedding, then we can still do a destination engagement session!  Ask me about it. 

This was one of my favorite locations to shoot at.  I love architecture like this.  Marianne%20Duane%20Blog2-100%20copy.jpg

This place housed the Queen of England twice, but each time it burned down.  Lucky for us. 


Valdez thinks that this looks like a postcard of Barbados.  Maybe I can start selling it as one! Marianne%20Duane%20Blog2-103%20copy.jpg

This is their I'm relaxed and having fun in front of a bus stop pose.  They are highly trained models for sure.Marianne%20Duane%20Blog2-104%20copy.jpg

This is their Banana Republic pose. 

Marianne was able to lift him off for almost one second.  Duanne imagined he was flying.  Marianne%20Duane%20Blog2-106%20copy.jpg

One of my favorite shots that Ingrid took. 


The sky and beaches there were amazing.  I love nighttime photography, it adds so much drama.Marianne%20Duane%20Blog2-108%20copy.jpg