Jenny & Brian Wedding

Jenny and Brian had a beautiful wedding at Madrona Manor in Sonoma County.  It was a destination wedding as most of their family and friends, including themselves, came from Ohio.  I knew that I wanted to shoot their wedding when I met their parents.  I know that sounds funny, but Jenny's parents, Cathy and Dan, were a riot.  Cathy liked the shirt that I was wearing and asked me if she could see the tab so she could find one for Dan.  Jenny watched mortified as her mom got up, walked toward my back and flipped the collar of someone they just met a few minutes ago, while I had this goofy grin on my face.  I immediately thought, I love these guys already! 

So we hit it off really well that day and I was waiting all season to shoot their wedding.  Come wedding day, Cathy and Dan had told so many people in their party about me that they all knew my work and were asking me to take their photos and everything!  It was a trip!  I never had a reception like that and I had so much fun with everyone.   I feel like I have several homes to stay at if I ever visit Ohio.

Jenny was absolutely gorgeous and was laughing so much being her silly self in this regal mansion.  I really enjoyed this wedding and wish Jenny and Brian the best in all their years to come.  

Their wedding coordinator didn't like her blue toenails, but she and I did! Tribute.


This is one of my favorite bride shots!Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog102.jpg

Dan and Cathy.   This was such a precious moment with them. Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog103.jpgJenny%20Bryan%20Blog104.jpg

Jenny looking like she's having fun.  Must have been all her friends behind me making her laugh. 


Mansions are really cool places to shoot!Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog108.jpgJenny%20Bryan%20Blog109.jpg

Alice in Wonderland?Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog110.jpg

The father waiting to hand off his daughter.Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog111.jpg

They have a moment together, before he gives her away. 

Jenny being her silly self. Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog115.jpg

One of the wildest decorations on a cake I've seen. 


I had to squat and hold very still for this cool nightshot.Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog117.jpg

Can anyone guess why Jenny looks so shocked?Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog118.jpg

Of course what's a cake cutting without a cake on the face.  I encourage all my couples to not hold back. 

They had wine pairings with every course and about a gazillion toasts.Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog120.jpg

I hope they were able to remember all the sweet memories with all that wine!Jenny%20Bryan%20Blog121.jpg