Kevin & Connie's Wedding in Albany

Kevin and Connie's wedding in Albany was full of sweet surprises.  I will always remember this wedding as the one in which I was close to losing it during the ceremony.  Watching Connie walk down the aisle was a very emotional and joyous occassion.  Kevin had the biggest smile and Connie was holding back tears of joy.  We have so many pictures of the audience trying to hold it together.  It was one of those special moments where I realize how fortunate we are to be photographing such an important event.

After the ceremony we found ourselves at the elementary school grounds next door.  I love changing it up and shooting in different backdrops.  The playground and colorful walls were very fun to shoot.  We got into some really creative situations with the group and for a moment I thought about throwing my camera into the air for one of the shots below.  I had seen this type of shot being done before, but luckily, we didn't have to throw the camera into the air as there was a balcony nearby.  

The reception hall's main lights didn't work that night, so we had to shoot in near darkness!   Thank goodness for external flash lighting and pocket wizards!  We were able to capture some great shots of Connie's bridesmaids doing a special dance for them using our external strobes and low light lenses.  The CD wasn't mixed properly in the middle for their dance, but they kept on dancing without music, just like professionals would have done.  I was so impressed with them.  Nothing was going to stop this wedding!  We hope that this is a sign that nothing will stop you guys from staying together.  Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your wild and joyful day! 

Homer knew it was going to be one fine day for our couple.


I love the colors in this bouquet shot.



This is the point at which I seriously almost lost it.  They were both SO happy to see eachother.


I told you they were happy.




Playgrounds are fun!


Colorful backdrops are my favorite.  



Connie has a very cute and innocent face, but as her photographer I soon noticed that her best faces were the sultry ones.  Isn't that funny how that turns out sometimes?



Ingrid knew exactly how to pose these ladies!  Hot stuff.


The shot where I almost threw my camera up to take, but found a balcony instead.  One of these days I will have to throw it up for fun.  Kevin_Connie114.jpg


No music was playing, but they kept on dancing and having a blast.