Iris & Eric | Los Angeles | Apartment | Walt Disney Concert Hall | MOCA | Waterfall | Engagement Session

When Iris found out about my photography, it was one of those, 'wow, it's a small world' type moments.  Iris and I are old middle school friends from way back in the day.  It's been a while since we've actually seen each other, much less known what the other person has been up to in recent years. 

One day Iris went to her friend's place, and her friend was looking at the blog of her wedding photographer, J. Sandifer Photography.  J. Sandifer put up one of my images as his image of the day and Iris's friend quickly read my name out loud.  Iris vaguely recognized the name, but didn't go over to see if it was actually her old middle school friend.  Later that night, she went home and, being curious, googled my name. Much to her delight, the 'Jerry Yoon' she heard was her old friend, who had now become a wedding photographer!  Fortunately, she happened to be looking for a wedding photographer for her wedding in March. 

I was so excited when she emailed me that first time, because I was also flabbergasted at how she found out about me in such a random way.  Well, we had a great time catching up and I'm sure we'll be much better at keeping in touch now that we'll be shooting their wedding.  What a sweet way to reconnect with an old friend!  And thanks J. for putting up one of my images on your blog, without which Iris and I would probably not have reconnected for another 13 years! 

Eric propsed to her with a bunch of these frog candles, thinking that she loves frogs, but it turned out that she has no idea where he got that idea.   


They wanted to do some photos in their new apartment.  We hung out on their couch, played Wii and then put Iris on the countertop.   


The sun was setting making for a cool silhouette shot.  I love the colors in this one. 


 Iris being her gorgeous self.  The sun was directly in her eyes, I hope she doesn't have permanent damage.  Anything for the shot right?


We made our way to the Walt Disney Concert Hall and played around in those cool Frank Gehry walls. 



The sun was setting, making for some cool evening shots. 


They wanted some cool city shots at night.  I love it when couples want something different. 


 We found this cool spot with just one light coming from above.  We almost passed it by, since we were done shooting at the concert hall.  I'm so glad we stopped.


Eric was such a good sport that night.  We all thought he was going to get just a little wet, but he came out completely soaked.  It was so fun setting this up and shooting it.  It's probably because I stayed dry. 


Iris was very proud of her brave fiance.